Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lu Lu

This week was another example of some of the wonderful blessings I have been able to experience as a result of not (yet) working. The past two days I have been able to watch my beautiful Goddaughter "Lu Lu."
Lu's Mom has been a dear friend of mine since 3rd grade, and her father became a good friend of mine in college. This week her sitter was on vacation so I offered to watch her for a few days so that I could spend some time with her.

She is such a happy, joyful little girl. One of my favorite things is that whenever we would go anywhere in the car, as soon as we had arrived, (the car would stop,) she would squeel with delight and cheer! She is such a joy, I was just so happy to spend two days with her.

I did a little photo shoot with her in my parents' and their neighbor's backyards, (again with my Mom's help).

Here are a few of my favorites.

In her tu-tu and wings

Taking a little break

Sitting so nicely on the bench
And last but not least... my favorite one of all

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Confession... of a Chunky Blogger

So, I hate to admit it, but my clothes make it undeniable. I've put on a few pounds. Like 11 or 12. And no its not a huge amount, but my clothes don't fit. And while I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing sundresses and skirts everyday, eventually I will have to put on a pair of pants again. And I really cannot afford to buy another wardrobe.

I am actually back to what was my college weight, but about a year and a half ago I joined weight watchers and lost about 15 pounds. After I lost that weight (and kept it off for almost a year) I bought new clothes and got rid of my "fat" clothes so that I couldn't resort back to my old weight. Well, I put about 5-6 pounds on over November-December (the holidays) - and I could still squeeeeeeeeze into my pants, but now that I have put another 5-6 pounds on in the past month or two I simply cannot wear my pants.

So I'm back on weight watchers again, hoping to (again) make some lifestyle changes and make better eating choices. I know it works, it just requires some commitment and some patience. I'm hoping to do this for me so that I can be back at a weight at which I am comfortable, confident and healthy.

Friday, July 23, 2010


One of the wonderful things I've been able to do since I'm not working yet, was watch my nephew. The little cutie is French - my sister met his French Father while working abroad. As a result he is bilingual. His nickname is poulet, which means chicken/poultry, in French and is an endearing term in France.

Two weeks ago when my Mom and I were watching him while his parents were on a mini-holiday, we took some time to take a whole bunch of photos of him. Of course I think he is absolutely adorable - not that I am biased or anything. But here are a few of my favorites.

Playing with sticks


Watering Grandma's flowers

My attempt at an artsy photo

Posing so well for the camera

On the swings at the park

I love this one because he looks angry but I'm pretty sure he was just intensely singing/yelling

And one final picture

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Millions and One Things to Do!

Ever feel like you aren't getting anything done? I have just under a gazillion things to do, and I feel like nothing is getting done. But I do know things are getting done, because I slowly am crossing things off my to-do list... but I also feel like I am adding items faster than I am crossing them off!

The husband has been quite busy with residency, and being that I haven't started working, I have been trying to do everything around the house. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the cars, taking care of the yard, paying bills, etc. And its not that I mind, but I sort of feel like I am spinning my wheels, it's like I feel like nothing is ever done.

Some of this is due to the fact that we moved a month ago and there are still sooo many things to do to make this house a home. I've been pulling up ground cover, hanging decorations, painting, cleaning, organizing, shopping, returning items, etc. And also since I am unemployed (because ya, know we have so much money now that the husband is dawkter) I have time to help out some family and friends. For example, I was helping my sister get some items for her in-laws as she is traveling to visit them in France and doesn't want to go empty handed; and I helped my Mom when she was babysitting my nephew, and I have been able to do some things for my parents as well. And all this has been wonderful, but for some reason I feel like I am getting nothing done.

I cannot figure out if its because I haven't started working (yet, hopefully) that I just don't feel productive or what?

It also doesn't help that my parents and Mr. Dawkter's parents keep bringing us our crap out of their basement so that we can now store it on our basement. We've been finding all sorts of stuff like crystal, and platters and photos... things we either got from our wedding or put in boxes and stored at their house when we got married. And all this "stuff" needs to be gone through and organized.

And then this blog... I'm totally dragging my feet, I need to get it up and going, and get back to reading and following, but I just haven't had the time.

Seriously, how can I be so busy, even though I don't have a job? I swear I am staying busy, its not like I am watching t.v. or sitting on the couch all day. I don't get it. I wish I had more of a sense of accomplishment, but for some reason I'm not.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Favor - Please Vote

A good friend of mine is in the running for a Pepsi Refresh grant of $50,000. I'd appreciate it if you would go to the following link and vote for his organization!

You have to provide an email address or you can vote through facebook. You can vote everyday. In the past few weeks they have moved from close to 200 close to 110 - but they need to continue to move up!


End Homelessness

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not sure where to start

So, I've been putting off my first real post on this new blog. I guess I'm not sure where to start. Another thing is that I've gotten out of the habit of blogging. I was very busy in April and May, but I've really got no excuse as for June or even now in July. So, I confess, I've just gotten lazy and wasn't sure exactly where to pick up from.

Still unsure where to start from, I guess I am jumping in, right here, almost mid-July already!

It's still somewhat hard to believe that we've started a new chapter in our lives. On July 1, early morning, around 5:00 a.m., Mr. Dawkter started his first day on the job as a surgical intern. His schedule for the month of July provides for 4 days off; 5 nights of call; and 2 days of surgical bootcamp: all on vascular surgery. Below is the photo I took of him on his very first day. He didn't want to put his tie on until he got to the hospital and it was too early to disagree with him... so that's why he has no tie on.
(Part of me felt like a proud Mama, taking a picture of her baby on his first day of school). I was (and still am) so proud when to see him wear that long white coat. It may seem silly but it is somewhat of a status symbol as its how you can often determine who the doctor is, (similar to a fireman/policeman's uniform, it identifies who they are). As a medical student he wore a short white coat.

As far as residency: so far, so good. The first two or three days were definitely an adjustment. Much of this was due to the fact that the past two or three months have essentially been a vacation for Mr. Dawkter. Then you factor in that he was on call his second day, which led to some sleepiness. To explain he had regular hours his first day, starting at roughly 5 a.m. then came home exhausted that night and went to bed early. Then his second day he started at 5 a.m. but since he was "on call" he was at the hospital all night handling all the surgical patients. This meant periodic sleep, but only in about 30 minute increments. After being up most of the night he just had to see patients in the morning on day three and was able to leave by late morning/early afternoon. But having just started Mr. D was very tired and slept for several hours that afternoon... only to start again the next morning at 5 a.m.

But after the adjustment to the early hours and getting used to a new job and the fact that he is suddenly "a doctor" Mr. D is now doing quite well.

It's still kind of hard to believe he's actually a real doctor. I think its going to take a while to sink in!

*Please bear with me as I get back in the habit of blogging again!
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