Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This morning . . .

I did a little happy dance. I went to get dressed and thought I would try on some of my work pants (that I haven't fit into for several months) and sure enough, they fit! I've have a good couple of weeks and the weight loss has clicked again, and it feels great to finally be back in my pants! I still have several pounds to go, and the pants don't quite fit perfectly yet, but they zip, and they aren't obscenely/offensively tight! I'm bottom heavy so when I gained a few pounds during our spring move, it all went to my hips, legs and butt. In the summer it wasn't too big of a deal because I could wear loose fitting skirts and dresses, but now that fall/winter is here, I needed to slim down so I could wear my dress pants.

Which brings me to a brief update on my weight loss and running. I stopped logging in my weight loss a few weeks ago because I seemed to gain, lose, gain, lose. I was extremely frustrated. I finally went and spoke with my weight watchers meeting leader and shared my struggle. It made me realize the obvious: that it was the weekends I was really struggling with. So much so that I wasn't tracking at all on the weekends. (With weight watchers each food has a point value, and your supposed to track everything you eat. You get a certain amount of daily points, and then 35 extra points you can use whenever you want during the week). The other problem was that I was using about 5 of my extra weekly points a day which meant that when the weekend rolled around I only had about 10 extra points left. My meeting leader pointed out that if I want to splurge on the weekend I need to stick to my daily points during the week, so that I have 35 points to splurge on the weekends. Although obvious and simple, it was exactly what I needed to do. And surprisingly sticking to my daily points has been easier than I thought. Here's to hoping that the weight loss continues and I eventually meet my goal.

And in regards to running, I haven't advanced much, but I've remained steady. I'm running about twice a week, and between 2.5 and 3.5 miles at a time. I enjoy running in the summer, but I have a habit of quitting when fall comes along because my asthma makes running in cool/cold weather a challenge. But this year I have access to a fabulous indoor track thanks to Mr. Dawkter's health club discount for being affiliated with his hospital. So I am trying to keep up with it, and just move it inside. So far so good, just hoping to eventually increase my mileage now that it's becoming a little easier (knock on wood). I'm still hoping to run some kind of race in the spring. I'm hoping that if I set a goal like participating in a race it will keep me motivated over the winter months.

So after a few weeks of feeling like I was treading water, I finally feel on track again. It's wonderful to look in the mirror and feel good about myself again. I forgot what that felt like! For those of you trying to meet fitness goals, or lose a few pounds, stick with it, and try something new if you need to. It doesn't come easy, but it's definitely rewarding!


  1. woohoo! you go :) these cold months definitely prove challenging to workout outside for me too. so far i just bundle up and get to it, but i know eventually i'll have to move inside!

  2. I'm so proud of you!! What amazing accomplishments! And fitting into pants that were snug before is a WONDERFUL feeling!! :D
    I've actually quit WW to try and save some money. Still on the plan, but trying to do it on my own. We'll see how it goes - the main thing I see me missing is the motivation at the meetings.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  3. Good for you!!
    It's the best when you slip into those clothes you didn't think would fit and then they do!!
    I am a big piggy and haven't even begun thinking of making a life change. It's pathetic really. I am going to blame it on being a single momma and not having anyone to help me when I need a break to go out and work out. I am all alone in my little town. But I am *sure* that there are things that I could be doing as far as exercise in my house you know?
    Amazing work though! keep it up :)

  4. Nice work! We are hoping to see you soon :-)

  5. Great job!!! It's so weird how what you need to do is always so simple...but it seems much more obvious when someone else says it. Whatever it takes :0)

  6. oooh good girl, i am the same way!! always up and down :( thanksgiving didn't help ;) haha!
    maybe weight watchers will!


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