Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Yep, a few weeks ago (yes, I'm behind) was Mr. Dawkter's first vacation of residency; and it was wonderful! Mr. D's hospital gives him three weeks off a year, and this first vacation couldn't come soon enough! I had been missing my husband like crazy! Our vacation wasn't really much of a vacation however; it was more of a "stay-cation" or "reno-cation" because we stayed home and Mr. D renovated our guest bathroom.

Just so you know, the bathroom project was not my idea - it was doc's idea. He thought, "why don't I re-do the bathroom on my vacation." And shortly after he suggested it, there was a fantastic sale going on at the home improvement store. And so the project began.

With the help of Mr. D's cousin, and my father-in-law, the demolition was done prior to vacation week, so that his time off was spent on reconstruction. Although D didn't have any experience, with the help of his Dad and his cousin, he was able to redo our flooring, vanity, patch the walls, and give us an entirely new bathroom (with the exception of the bathtub).

Mr. D's cousin also made us a custom mirror for the bathroom. He just finished the mirror this weekend so all that is left is to hang the mirror and over-the-john. I'll post some before and after pics once the bathroom is complete.

While I absolutely love our new bathroom, I will say that it will be our first and last big DIY project. As Mr. Dawkter's vacation was coming to an end we both had some feelings of "It's over already? We didn't even do anything fun!" As a result we had some regrets, but did spend his last day of vacation having fun around town, shopping, and going out to eat. We have since decided that all future vacations will not be spent working. Our next vacation is not too far away (February) and it will be spent relaxing in a warm climate!


  1. Spending your vacation doing things around the house always makes me sad, but at least you got a new bathroom out of it! Do you have before and after pics?

  2. Cool - a new bathroom! Can't wait to see photos.

    Curious - does his residency program give him three one-week vacations? Or does he have to take all three weeks at once?

    My husband gets two two-week vacations, which is awesome... Except that I obviously do NOT get two two-week vacations a year... So... Flaw.

  3. the new bathroom sounds great- but the warm climate vacation sounds even better! You're right though, not too far away!!

  4. can't wait to see the before/after shots!

    "a warm climate" - does this mean you have someplace picked out? ;)

    Although you spent it working, I'm glad you two were able to spend some vacation time together!


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