Monday, December 20, 2010

Bathroom renovation

So the bathroom is just about finished - just need to put the trim back up, put down a threshold and touch up a few spots with paint. 

So here it is BEFORE (when we first moved in). 
Note the plastic fake-wood trim around the shower door.  That didn't last very long before I ripped it off.

Then here is a picture after some of the demolition had begun (you can see in the mirror of the shower door that the medicine cabinet has been torn out).


The very functional, but not-so-attractive light

Old mirror


Tile floor




And..... ta da! 
Our updated bathroom (a.k.a. "our vacation/reno-cation")
designed by myself, and done by Mr. D with the help of his cousin Jake, his Dad, and my cousin's hubby John (Thanks guys)!

New shower curtain

I'm so proud of my husband, he has never done tile floor before but he did such a great job!

The pretty shower curtain and tile (trim will be put up eventually)

The "over-the-john" which provides additional storage

The new, more attractive bathroom light!

I love the granite countertop!

Another view of the vanity

The awesome custom mirror Jake made us!

and yes that is an outdated intercom, which will be updated eventually, but it's not in the budget right now!  Above the intercom used to be a small medicine cabinet, and a hotel hair dryer; again functional, but not-so-attractive!)

I absolutely love how the bathroom turned out!  It makes me want to re-do our master bathroom and our kitchen, but there is simply no money to do so.  Hopefully in due time we will be able to make additional updates, but for now, this will have to do!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!
    What a great job they did!
    And on his holidays... I'm very impressed!

  2. NICE WORK!! I felt the same way after we did our basement ... wow, looks awesome ... now let's do the kitchen :-) If you give a mouse a cookie ...

    Can't wait to see you in January/February - you pretty much have your pic of weekends so you let us know when YOU are free!

  3. Looks amazing!! I have to admit, that is a pretty decent trade for vacation :0)

  4. WOW! What a beautiful bathroom!!! You and the Mr. (as well as all your amazing family) should be so proud of yourselves!!!
    I'm sure the itch for wanting to redecorate/renovate more will be hard to reach and scratch ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, it is gorgeous!!!! You guys did a fantastic job!


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