Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Mr. D and I just got back from our summer vacation.  It was our last extended period of time together before he starts the dreaded PGY-2*.  In my husbands specialty second year is one of the more difficult years (although not the most difficult year, it probably involves the biggest adjustment as it the hours and responsibility increase from this past intern year).
The past twelve months have flown by, I can hardly believe we moved here just over a year ago.  But every time we return home from a long weekend or a vacation, I am always reminded how this place feels like home.  I am so thankful for how this new place has so naturally, so seamlessly become our home. Everything about it seems so perfect and so right.
Since Mr. D and I met (six years ago) between the two of us we have had ten different addresses in eight different towns!  And no place has made me so happy as where we are now.  And  although I know we have (at least) six rough years of residency ahead of us, I can honestly say there is no where I would rather be!

I love it here, it's home.

*PGY = Post Graduate Year (residency/fellowship)


  1. There's something to be said for not moving every year. I was so happy when law school started and we found the place we wanted to live for the duration. Now I'm thinking about our first owned house but that's still a little bit off.

    Glad that you guys were able to have a vacation before the craziness starts again!

  2. Isn't it crazy how quickly residency flies by?!? I'm amazed that we're already on the threshold of PGY3!

    We just found out my husband matched here for fellowship, which means four more years (at least!) in the same place. This is the longest amount of time we've ever lived in one place since childhood! I am so excited not to have to start over again.

  3. I was so looking forward ot PGY-2 until husbands chiefs sent out an e-mail saying everyone feels PGY-2 is the worst year. I read that e-mail and was like $^%#! Not that this past year was horrible but I was really hoping this year would be smooth sailing. Looks like that's not in the cards according to everyone and their mother.

    On a happier note, where did the past year go? I can only hope the next three go as quickly :-)

    Good luck to Mr. D starting PGY-2!

  4. aw I'm so happy that you are so comfortable in your town! I'm hoping that where we end up for residency will bring us as much of a feeling of "home" as you have experienced!


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