Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There will be good weeks

and there will be bad weeks.  

We are currently in a "bad" week.  It just happens, some days there are more patients, consults, emergencies, surgeries, and whatnot causing a medical service to be busier than usual.  For some reason, whether it be the weather, the moon, the time of year, or the forces that be, this last week Mr. D's service seems to be very busy.  

Earlier this evening, I got a text saying he was about to sign out and I thought,

"Sweet!  Finally, an early night!" 

But the doctor spoke too soon. Who knows what it was, but something came up, and so I was updated that, 

"It will be a while longer."  

At that point I decided to eat dinner by myself.  And thank goodness I did, because an hour later I got another text saying, 

"Sorry, it's gonna be another hour."

But duty calls, and he obviously is doing something important.  So I'll just hope, that maybe, just maybe we'll get to have dinner together tomorrow night, or maybe the next night.  Eventually it will happen!

Now to be completely fair, I really cannot complain, as the first two weeks of this month were great.  Really great.  We had dinner together every night, and he had several days off.  But unfortunately, it goes in cycles, and some weeks are better than others.  This past week has just been a bad week, as he hasn't had a day off (except being post-call) and there have been many late nights, and extremely busy call nights.  (Meaning he has needed to sleep during his little time home, so we really haven't had much waking time together.)  But so is the life of residency.  I know if we can just get through the next week (or so), his schedule should lighten up, again, and he'll have a few days off. 

I may never like it, but I can only hope that eventually I'll get used to this crazy and unpredictable schedule.  

Again, I really can't complain, as it could be so. much. worse.  But I guess I realize how much I was spoiled by the first two "good" weeks of PGY2!


  1. I feel you on this one! Rob started on a month of night float for PY-1 ... it wasn't so bad when I wasn't working & home when he got here/woke up from his day of sleep, but now we're lucky if we get 20 minutes in a day together. Oh the life of a resident's wife!

  2. Ugh the bad weeks! WORST!
    The mister told me today that it's going to be an early night... I'm not holding my breath!

  3. I understand what you are going through and understand your frustrations! That is why I started my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours!

  4. I stumbled on your blog while looking for others who share my experience as the wife of a (future) doctor. Thanks for all your insights. My husband is now in his second year of med school and I am discovering that Pathology class can suck all the time right out of a marriage. We are still blissfully happy and it helps so much to hear other peoples' experiences. Thanks again for sharing!


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