Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No News is Good News?

So we're almost two months into PGY-2, and surprisingly I haven't had much to say.  I guess that's because things are surprisingly unremarkable.  Although I think that is a good thing.  In general when things are harder, more difficult, I have more to write about (read: vent, complain).  But surprisingly, things haven't been that bad.  I guess our motto of "expect the worst, hope for the best," has somewhat prepared me for this year.

I was really expecting it to be a. lot. worse.  And I must admit, as I type this, continue to delete and retype.  I'm afraid I am speaking too soon.  I fear that if share at how "easy" this year has turned out to be, I will end up regretting my words.

But, here goes nothing.

I cannot help but feel totally, ridiculously, lucky and blessed.  There are a number of things that have allowed this PGY-2 to be much, much, more bearable than expected.

First there is Stanley, my hubby's wonderful co-resident.  At Mr. D's program they alternate the amount of residents they match into his specialty, some years they take one, some years they take two. We were lucky not only to match into a year with two, but I also feel like we won the lotto with his co-resident.  Seriously, I love this guy.  Why does this matter?  Well honestly, your co-resident has the ability to make your experience very smooth, or absolute hell.  And Stanley, is not only smart and hardworking, but he is also loyal and a team player.  He and Mr. D seem to get along really well, work well together, look out for each other, and help each other out.  I know this is what you reasonably should expect from a co-resident, but realistically, it's not always what you get.  Since you have no control over who you match with you could end up with someone who is slow, or lazy, or less intelligent, or selfish, or so competitive that they will take any and every opportunity to throw you under the bus.  And thankfully, Stanley is none of those things.  

Oh and the alternative is not having a co-resident, which can also be challenging because you don't have someone to share the work with.

And since only one resident graduated, and there are two PGY-2s, that adds one extra body to the team.  (PGY-1s rotate through other services and aren't in the call pool).

Secondly, we got an extra resident back this year, as he was cross-country doing his research year.  That adds another body to the team.  

And thirdly, we got a new resident transferred into the program.  This is somewhat unusual and hard to get approved.  They had been trying to get this resident all last year, so I didn't believe it was going to happen.  If you're still following that adds three working bodies the team/service.

Three extra people.  Do you know how much three extra people helps a service of under a dozen residents?  Let me say it makes a huge difference.  Mind you they all still work ridiculously hard, but I can't help but think that I get to see my husband more than the wife of last year's PGY2.  

Instead of having Q3 call (every third night), Mr. D only has call every fifth or sixth night.  I cannot express to you how amazing that it.  It means my husband being home a lot more evenings!  (Even if it only means him home for dinner and to sleep!)

So although I have days where I am frustrated because I really miss Mr. D.  I cannot help but feel guilty for those feelings knowing that I have it a lot better than other significant others in other years/specialties/programs.


  1. Oh my goodness - all those extra bodies! I know EXACTLY what that means!!! That is so so awesome! I am glad that you guys are having a good go at this - because the alternative could be no good for sure!
    And an awesome co-resident? That's great!!
    No news is good news :)
    Hope it keeps going this way!

  2. Wow! Those extra bodies make a huge difference!
    Y'all are super lucky! Enjoy it!

  3. I'm so glad that it's going smoother than anticipated for you and it sounds like Mr. D has a great partner for work. Russ has experienced those overly-ambitious-competitive individuals and I know how rough that can be on the guys. I wish I could go and sucker punch the mean ones sometimes! (Ok, I would never, but I get overly defensive sometimes! haha)

    I hope it continues to be overall smooth sailing for you two!

  4. I'm so glad that second year is going so well for you both! And wow - sounds like you guys really lucked out with the co-resident situation.

    I hope the year continues to be good and relatively easy. Gives the rest of us wives hope. :-)

  5. That is great news, and yes every BODY counts especially when it comes to call! My DrH is at a program that sounds very similar to yours when it comes to staffing. Alternating one this year, two next, and just about the same numbers!


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