Friday, August 26, 2011

Overheard at the gym...

Lady 1:   I heard it was your Birthday Maria!"
Lady 2:   Yes, sure is.
Lady 1:   Well, Feliz Navidad!
Lady 2:   (Smiles and nods) Thank you!

Okay, I don't know Spanish, but I am pretty sure that woman meant to say "feliz cumpleaños" rather than, "Merry Christmas."

Just made me giggle.

And on the topic of the gym, I would like to address to random (and separate) gym patrons...

1) No it is not a good idea to jump rope along the narrow three lane indoor track.  Those of us who are trying to run/walk/jog, are terrified that we are going to get whipped by your jump rope, which takes up two and a half of the three lanes.  Please jump rope in place, or around the basketball court, or somewhere where you are not in close proximity to others.  

2) I am not a doctor or nor do I have any basis for this assumption, but my guess is that your collection of converse hi-top sneakers which always match whatever workout outfit you are wearing each day, are not necessarily supportive or meant for jogging or working out.  Although you look very stylish and color coordinated, I cringe as I watch you work out in those things.  What do I know though?


  1. Hahaha! People are crazy- especially at the gym.

  2. haha I love the hi-top sneakers comment! I don't know how people even look stylish.
    Anytime I work out I look a hot mess. Large t and cropped leggings. Attractive, I tell ya ;)

  3. I totally appreciate "getting cute" to go to the gym. It makes it easier for me to work out! But there's a point where that makes no sense...

  4. Haha People kill me!!

  5. my husband is a medical student ... it's really difficult! I know what u have been through .. hope life is treating u well now :)

  6. Hello! I just found your blog! I am in my second year of law school and my husband is in his second year of medical school! Derek, my husband, has Boards this year, and I'm searching for jobs, so this is a stressful year for sure. There aren't many of us lawyer-doctor married combos, so I'm looking forward to reading through your blogs!

  7. I have SO many gym pet peeves ;) this post cracked me up! Happy to have stumbled on your blog...though my husband is in finance and isn't a doctor, he works super long hours so I can totally relate to your blog! Hope you're having a good week :) xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  8. I'm not fluent, but feliz cumpleaños, perhaps!? Yea, for a place with as many mirrors as a gym, you have to at least try a little or it gets depressing fast, but we never want to look like we're trying too hard. We want to look fabulous, but like we roll out of bed that way. Am I making any sense!?


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