Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back on the Horse

I realize it has been four months since I've blogged.  I wasn't quite myself for a few months, and I wasn't quite comfortable sharing, and next thing I know its November, then December, and now January.  It's simply too easy to get out of the habit of blogging.  But the only way to get back in the habit is to jump right back in!  So here goes!

The last four months, the cliff notes version:

  • My family had another victory in their trials and tribulations in early August.  It's been wonderful to see the light back in my parents eyes, and see them enjoying life again.  It's been a huge weight off our shoulders, and I cannot praise God enough for being faithful to our prayers.
  • Due to the economy my contract work has somewhat dried up, so I've been looking for work since October without much luck.
  • I was absolutely worthless the months of September and October due to a little parasite growing in my belly.  I was sick (even with medication) and since we waited until November/December to share our news with family my poor mother, mother-in-law, and husband had to listen to my excessive whining and complaining.  Thank goodness by mid-November the sickness finally passed, but I found my body revealing our little secret!
  • Christmas was wonderful, probably the best I've had in years.  Nothing unusual about what we did, but for the first time in several years we did not have any major worries or illnesses hanging over our families heads!  Below is a picture of Mr. Dawkter and I on Christmas day.  
(We were pleasantly surprised that he got Christmas off!)
  • Mr. D is officially half way through his second year of residency (one of the hardest years for his specialty).  
  • I'm still somewhat looking for work, but realize that with a bambino due in April, most employers will not hire me at this point.  So I'm mainly browsing for part-time or work from home work.  I hope to resume the full-time job search in June or July.
And that's it in a nutshell!


  1. Congrats on the baby! I'm sure the job front will all work out as it should :) glad that little baby isn't making life so rough any more. Happy new year!

  2. Congratulations on your new soon-to-be new addition to the family! How exciting!

  3. congratulations!!!!! so exciting :)

  4. Welcome back... I hope you have entered the "being pregnant is fun" stage. It goes by to quickly. My baby is now almost 7 months old!

  5. What what what?!?!??!!?! I am SO happy for you!! You look beautiful and glowing and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Welcome back to the blogging world :)

  6. So happy you are blogging again!

  7. Congratulations! I have missed your blog - so great to read your happy news!

  8. Congratulations!! I'm glad you're back too!


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