Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Favorite

As I mentioned, I've been on weight watchers before and I tend to find that three foods that are key to my success: vegetables, oatmeal and popcorn. All three of these things are low (or zero) points and tend to fill me up when I'm hungry.
I've been scouring the grocery store shelves for new healthy options and recently I came upon this wonderful gem:

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Dark Chocolate Oatmeal - I love chocolate (and anything sweet for that matter) and the oatmeal is "filling food," so it is what I consider a smart indulgence. It's three weight watchers points for 1 packet which allows for a very filling and satisfying sweet treat. I think it's a new favorite!

I'm also loving Trader Joe's light kettle corn - individual portioned bags are just two points -

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as well as the Vitamuffin chocolate muffin tops - which are only 1 sweet point!

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I'd love to hear some of your favorite "healthy" or light snacks!


  1. The Vitamuffin looks sooo ymmy!

  2. I love the VitaTops Banana Nut flavor (so filling and I don't think they are as dry tasting as the chocolate flavors!), 100 cal. kettle corn bags, low fat string cheese, apples (again with the fiber!), low cal yogurt with cut up fruit.

    Gum also helps my snacky mouth!!

  3. mmmm those look delicious and I've written them down so I can look for them this weekend when I do my grocery shopping!
    As my for my snacks? Right now I'm just indulging in fruit because it's in season - blueberries, strawberries, nectarines, name it, I take it with me to work. But once fall arrives I'll have to get a little more creative - plus when colder weather arrives, I always crave the chocolate/more comforting food!

  4. Hey sweets! So good to hear from you :) I'm tryig to get back into the swing of things with's been hard...not sure why? Anyway - the snacks above look and sound delish! I'm a huge fan of raspberries - they are high in fiber so they are quite filling. A good snack is to combine a cup of raspberries (fresh or frozen) with a half cup of ice, a half cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt and a splash of your favorite juice (low-sugar of course) into a blender. You'll get an amazing smoothie that's low in calories and high in fiber :)
    Talk to you soon :)

  5. Chocolate "European style" yogurt from TJs- it's a little bit tart, but mixing it with a fruit like frozen strawberries helps.


Thanks for your comments, I love to hear your thoughts! Have a blessed day!

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